Should children be in homes where there are guns?

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The accidental deaths of children accidentally shooting themselves or siblings (or parents accidentally shooting family members while cleaning the guns) garner the headlines. These are tragic. But what's needed is education so that owners know the importance of keeping these guns stored safely and out of the reach of children. If you live in a high-crime area your family may need a gun to protect themselves.
Overall, the problem's really insignificant. The intentional shooting deaths (gang-related, murders and suicides) dwarf the number of accidental deaths and that's what we should be focused on minimizing.
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Even if the gun is locked up children could find it. When they did a study and parents said their kids had never used their guns they then asked the children and 22% of them said they had! You have no idea how sly they are! So be smart about where you keep them and stress common sense and responsibility to them or just don't keep them at home. Those guns are used to kill family members 18x more than they are intruders and that's a tragedy.

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