Should child support be reformed?

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Absolutely. It's messed up. Did you know judges get paid more for making the non-custodial parent pay more in child support? They're actually incentivized to keep the children from the spouse making the most money (usually the father), regardless whether they're the better parent or not. This video says it all.

Ridiculous, just ridiculous. Stop believing this sensationalized crap just because it's on the internet. Your video has an unattributed statement that says that "Title IV d" gives judges more money for higher child support orders without saying what Title IV d is or where it comes from. In fact, Title IV is part of the federal social security law. Federal law cannot increase salaries of state judges. I challenge you to read the law itself at This is the Social Security Administration's website. You should be able to navigate to Title IV Part D. Show us where that law states that the federal government will pay state court judges a percentage of their child support orders over and above their state salaries. Post a link to an article from a reputable source that verifies that statement. Become a critical thinker. Stop being intellectually lazy.

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