Should children be on reality television?

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Whether they're on camera or not, what matters is that the parents are raising them right. The younger the children are the more important it is the family have regular therapy sessions to make sure the kids are coping well. Last thing we want is them ending up hooked on drugs or going to jail like a lot of these child stars. The kids stay active and they're educating families watching around the globe. Obviously, they're also going to have a little money when they're older too. They earned it!

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Ask Paul Peterson.  As head of a group called A Minor Consideration, he can site you chapter and verse of the evils of children in the entertainment industry.  He's seen it all: the exploitation, drug abuse, sexual assaults etc.  Children rely on their parents to make good decisions for them and as we've seen, there are horror stories out there.

On Little People, Big World, I saw minor children engaging in activities that were so dangerous and the film crew just stood around and kept the cameras rolling.

We've seen a "Redneck" family, too up close and personal with vile, disgusting habits for the viewing audience to laugh at.  How will those minor children ever live down those experiences? Toddlers & Tiaras?  Dance Moms?  Cheer Perfection?  How many of those kids are risking injury for the sake of the camera?

We've seen what happens to the Lindsay Lohans and the Brittany Spears.  We've seen what has happened to the Gosselin kids, school expulsions, security concerns by stalker/fans.  We've seen what happened to Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges.

We've seen a "Housewife's" child announce to the world that her parents sleep in separate rooms.  We've seen too many kids used as pawns, who work for hours on end so the crew can get the footage they need in the name of the almighty dollar.  And when those kids hit adulthood, who's going to answer the question of where all the money went?

We've seen too much of children's childhoods sold to the highest bidder.
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