Should tipping be banned?

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I think we should ban tipping altogether. Tipping is usually based on the amount of the bill (about 5% when dining out). Rarely is it based on the actual quality of the service you receive. As tipping became an expectation over time restaurants started paying servers less and less. Until it's banned gratuities should never be automatically in a bill. It's just getting out of hand these days.

I trust you mean 15% rather than 5%. If not, you have virtually banned tipping already. And if 5% is your usual tip you shouldn't be surprised that you get poor service the next time you go to that same restaurant. Tipping is the accepted way to ensure good service. If you get poor service you can always make your displeasure known by the size tip you leave. If there were no tipping, wait staff would have to be paid more and that means higher menu prices. So you're going to pay for what you get one way or the other. At least with tipping you control part of the cost and the level of service you get.

More food for thought, no pun intended.

Don't forget cleavage. If waitresses tip over to show cleavage, I over tip.
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If it ain't broke don't fix it. The alternative of building the gratuities into the cost of meals leads to higher prices and this can scare off customers. Restaurant owners already have slim enough profit margins as it is.
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