Should flag burning be illegal?

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You have a responsibility to respect our country if you're going to be in it. We are becoming a society that doesn't respect authority or religious ideals and it's so sad. Think of what the flag represents and all the men and women who died before us protecting the freedoms we take for granted today. If no jail time there needs to be a strong fine for it.
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It's true that soldiers have died protecting the freedoms we have today. This includes the freedom to burn a flag as a means of peaceful protest of the way the country is going or what the government is doing. Flag-burning can even honor what the soldiers have died for. If soldiers died for freedom and the government started taking away that freedom, then I bet even soldiers who survived would burn flags to show that that flag no longer represents the country that their fallen comrades had  died for.

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Flag burning is highly disrespectful to the men and women who have fought and died for our freedoms but the US does have liberties and freedoms that allow it. We have freedom of speech and expression. If burning the flag is the way to get their point across, sobeit (as long as they do not cause harm to any persons or property). Let their voice be heard.
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One thing that sets this country apart from all others is the right of an individual to criticize the government and the country itself. These rights are embodied in the First Amend to the US Constitution which include freedom of speech and the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. Burning the flag is a symbolic way of doing both. So if you want to jail or fine a person for burning the flag, you might as well jail or fine that person for engaging in free speech or petitioning the government for redress of grievances. Remember, if you want free speech for yourself, you have to allow it for everyone and that necessarily means that there will be speech that you won't like. And that is no different than when you say something that might offend someone else.

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