Should alimony be abolished?

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Give me a break. Alimony is bullshit! This is 2013 and women are getting paid because they were married to a man?? So we want to tell women you should go find a rich man, marry him and divorce him to get rich and you got it made? You can't have it both ways - equal rights and all that for women but then make the man pay them to divorce. Child support is another story but alimony is a total joke.
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Alimony isn't about that at all. It's about one spouse taking care of the  soon-to-be-ex spouse who after many years of keeping a household together without developing job skills, is about to be left practically destitute and unable to care for him/herself. I agree that alimony is not deserved in short-term marriages, but it is deserved under the right circumstances. And if both spouses are able to fend for themselves in the workplace, then alimony is not called for no matter how long the two were married. In today's world of divorce, alimony is much more rarely awarded except where it is fair. The other side of the coin that you refer to is that we can tell men to marry a woman, promise to take care of them for life , have them take care of the home and raise the kids and then divorce her for a younger woman with no consequences.
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Alimony should definitely be abolished. It's outdated and promotes dependency on others. It used to be that the man would go to work to support the family while the woman would stay home and raise the family. The thinking was the women would have no skills of their own to fall back on once divorced and they would need the continued support of their ex-husband. Things changed as time went on. Women showed they do have the skills needed to support themselves. This change in the way society thinks has led to a lot of alimony awards being given out unnecessarily.

In this day and age, there's no reason why someone can't go out and find a way to support themselves. By paying them for not working we're breeding a culture of women sitting around eating bonbons expecting to be taken care of for the rest of their lives!

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Alimony serves a legitimate purpose in the right instances, therefore it should not be totally abolished. Some spouses have devoted their adult years keeping the house and rearing children rather than developing their job skills. Then one spouse decides to ditch that dependent spouse. What happens? The spouse with no job prospects becomes a drain on society, perhaps going on welfare or slipping into poverty because the only jobs he or she can hold is a menial one. Alimony is not needed when both sposes have equal opportunity to move on with their lives and become gainfully employed. But alimony in fair when one spouse has devoted his/her entire life to the marital enterprise and then is cut loose in a divorce with no reasonable prospect of survival. Keep alimony but impose it equitably.

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